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    This is our team. Our approach to your care requires specialized thinking, training and equipment. The coordinated effort you'll see and the great outcomes you will experience are a result of this time-tested team approach. You will most likely not see Dr Gauta for every visit. You may see Jennifer or Rose for testing, or you may see Nicole for your initial visit to determine if testing is needed, or you may see Dee, Danielle, Luisa or Karina for counseling. Under all circumstances, rest assured that we listen to you when determining approaches to your care. You are also a vital part of the team. No two people are alike, and rarely do the needs and issues surrounding your problems fit into a cookie-cutter design. Our abilities to help you reach your goals come from an all-hands-on-deck approach so you can benefit from our comprehensive set of skills. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve better health.

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