Pelvic Disorders


If you experience frequent cramping, heavy bleeding, unexplained pelvic pain, irregular periods, painful intercourse, or other uncomfortable pelvic symptoms you are not alone. Your Reproductive System is a complex network of organs and structures that must work together to ensure healthy function. When one or several of these are disrupted or damaged due to childbirth, aging, injury or illness, the result can be disruptive, devastating and even life-altering.

The Florida Bladder Institute Can Help

The Florida Bladder Institute is a center of excellence in women’s pelvic health. Our founder, Dr. Joseph Gauta is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology with advanced training in urogynecology. This combined experience and training allows Dr. Gauta to not only treat the reproductive system but to address the pelvic system in its entirety including the female urinary and gastrointestinal systems as they work in relation to the reproductive system. This ensures our patients receive the best possible outcomes.

While we see and treat a vast range of acute, chronic and even rare conditions of the pelvic and reproductive system, below are some of the more common problems we see in our practice.

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