Interstim® Therapy


InterStim Sacral Nerve Stimulation is a unique electrical device that gently stimulates the nerves of the bowel, rectum and anus to help retrain and restore your bowel control. Much like a pacemaker controls the beat of the heart, the InterStim unit is implanted near the lower spine and uses small wires the size of a few strands of hair alongside key nerves that control your bowel function. The InterStim Therapy gently stimulates these nerves to help restore control.

Once the device is implanted, the stimulation can easily be adjusted or even deactivated by yourself at home or by your doctor in a simple, in-office programming session. The Interstim® Sacral Nerve Stimulation procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with almost no recuperation time. This device works well for those that have not had success with traditional medical therapies. InterStim Therapy is a proven treatment for and is covered by Medicare and most other private insurance companies.

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