Dear Dr. Gauta,

Thank you for creating a wonderful, safe environment for women. Your staff is outstanding! Their warm yet professional attitude allowed me to release my embarrassment and be excited about my healing.

Nicole was my PA. She was kind, accepting and totally knowledgeable to any of my concerns. I had not had an internal in over 15 years. Nicole put me at ease, and it was painless!! Not as I had remembered an internal to be. I had heard of the "chair" last year in MD from my acupuncturist. I never expected to actually find one!!

Louisa is delightful and matter-of-fact helping me with the treatment...I've been greeted warmly by 2 different receptionists, each inviting and joyful despite the business of the office. I feel like a member of the family each time I go.

I sincerely wanted you to know the positive impact you and your staff's work has had in my life and my health. Thank you.

Jane Lancaster


The experience was absolutely wonderful and he is a magician, I'm so thankful.

Myrna Hagin

"Dear Dr,

Just cannot thank you enough. Actually I should say I'm just so grateful that you were there for me. And now everybody is hearing about it.

You are an experience, quite unique, I could just go on and on about you. 

So I will just end this with you are the best thing that has happened to me since my accident. I'm keeping my Gyn right here for routine, but anything further, I'm off and running back to you. My primary Dr and I have developed a beautiful friendship...and he's going to hear about you for his other patients. He's wonderful and seeks out the best Drs. I'm sure you will be added when I finish and tell him you are well worth the trip!

May all good things and people come to you. You deserve it! Most Grateful,

Anna M.

"It is always a pleasure when I visit this office. The staff are always very knowledgeable, professional and kind. Thank you so much!"

Jean Adkins

"Well I'm a happy patient!  For the first time in so many years I'm not getting up 5 times in the middle of the night, not crossing legs while brushing teeth, and believe this ...sneezing is fun, coughing is ok, laughing is great, and jumping works too!! Wow!! You can't imagine how this improves my life.  What else can you do to fix me up?  You are the best. :-) Thank you so much for caring for me. Gratefully,..."

Diane Cooper

I want to let you know how impressed I was with you and your staff starting with my initial phone call to the exam and upon leaving. If every organization ran its operations as efficiently and pleasantly as you do this world would be a much happier place. THANK YOU!

M Solomon

Surgery Center of Naples- wanted to properly thank you all.

Sharon Irwin

"Dear Dr Gauta, I would like to offer you my sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude for the surgery you performed on me. It has completely changed my life for the better from the first day. For one who had been putting off this surgery for years, little did I realize what a dramatic difference it would make. With your God given talent, expertise, compassion and empathetic nature, you have made it possible for me to feel like a new woman and to live a normal life again. These are merely words but the feelings behind the words are very sincere and full of gratitude. May God continue to guide you and bless you in what you do. Sincerely,"

Mary Znamecz

"Dr. Gauta is an intelligent, gifted physician who always has a smile on his face and time to calm the fears of an anxious patient. His expertise is beyond compare. My patients all come back from his office with rave reviews! Not only is Dr. Gauta a dedicated physician in a busy practice, but he also takes time to give back to the community of his time and talent. It is with great confidence that I refer my patients to him, knowing that their issues will be addressed with medical excellence and great sensitivity."

Barbara-Ann Britten, MD

"I have worked with Dr. Gauta for several years and find him to be a caring and honest physician and an excellent surgeon.  His patients always seem satisfied with the care he provides and the care they receive at Naples Day Surgery North.  I look forward to a long working relationship with him."

Millard Brooks, MD, Anesthesiologist

"Brilliant. Amazing staff. Incredible results. Totally life changing. I am going to retire and work on my bucket list instead of settling for 'I have issues'. Much love,"

Tricia M.

"Dear Dr. Gauta and Staff, Just wanted to let you know- I thank you everyday- you changed my life!! Have a very Merry X-mas and a very happy New Year to you all."

Kathryn O.

"Dear Dr. Gauta, I just wanted to write you and compliment you and your office. Of all the years that I have worked with doctors as a student, X-Ray Tech. in surgery, and surgeons offices, you are one of the very best!

From the time I came into your office and met the efficient girls in the front, to your nurse Gail and everyone in between, and the quickness to get you in for the appointment, it couldn't have been a better experience for me.

You are so great to have as my surgeon. You explain everything in great detail and do so in a manner of which I became very confident as your new patient. The outcome from my surgery is wonderful. I think that your 5 star rating is certainly well deserved, I give you that "6th" star!!

I am happy to have you as my Urogynecology doctor!!  Sincerely,

Candy H.

"I have been meaning to write this message for months now, but the longer I wait, the better it gets! I think of my good fortune in having been referred to Dr Gauta daily. While every other specialist I had been to over the years handed me a prescription for OAB, Dr Gauta handed me a diet, calling it my homework. The IC elimination diet has taken the panic attacks, which had been getting progressively worse, out of my day. I have replaced my nightly glass of wine with a bottle of Doctor D's Probiotics. Sadly, although I never realized these foods were a problem before, raw onions, jalapeño peppers and dark chocolate (and anything with caffeine) had to go. The reward was far greater than any enjoyment food or drink could ever bring. I can't thank you enough for recognizing a problem that had long been overlooked by many others, and for offering a natural, prescription-free solution. The difference this has made in my life is priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly one in a million. With gratitude, Louise"

Louise Booth

"Both Dr Gauta and ... are both excellent practitioners, in fact, they changed my life, really! Before becoming their patient, I was miserable all the time and for years. I am in Naples for four months each year, and in MA for eight months, if I had a problem while in MA, I would fly back here to see them. I would NEVER see another Urologist other than Dr. Gauta! This is how much I love this practice, and everyone on the staff here."

Jeanne Donahue

"Office very efficient and friendly. I arrived over an hour earlier than my appointment and office saw me earlier. Dr Gauta was very professional and a good explainer of diagnosis and surgical procedure. Well worth the drive from Sebring FL"


"Regarding Dr. Gauta- it is 'refreshing' and 'rewarding' to have this high level care here in Naples.  My patients benefit greatly from Dr. Gauta's care and expertise.  His staff is great also!"

Douglas Paone, MD

"My experience with Dr. Gauta has been the best. Bedside manners are excellent and I have been more than satisfied and happy with the service I have received. His staff is extremely helpful and courteous. This is the best decision I have made for choosing Dr. Gauta for my needs."

Barbara Jenkins

"After 25 years (no exaggeration) of suffering pain, urinary and yeast infections, someone has finally diagnosed my problem. Thanks to Dr. Joseph Gauta, I feel 98% better and am not going to the bathroom several times at night. I found him to be gentle and compassionate during my visits, but most of all for finally solving a chronic problem." 


"My doctors in New York City can't compare. Dr Gauta listened, explained and explained again. I would recommend seeing him highly. My LESS surgery was flawless. I'm so glad I came down to have this done. I was up and about the next day and no pain medicines were needed."

Michele S. Great Neck, NY

"As an operating room technician of 36 years, I've been privileged to work with many surgeons. The one that tops my list is Dr. Joseph Gauta.  His expertise and knowledge in all the new advanced surgical techniques such as in LESS, pelvic floor reconstruction, Interstim therapy, to name a few, make him the top surgeon.

There is nothing more rewarding for the surgical team (technician, nurses, etc.) than to know you did what's best for the patient.

Is this the surgeon I would want operating on my mother?  Absolutely!"

Martha Gomez CST, O.R. Scrub Technician

"Dr. Gauta, I am so happy you came to Naples. We needed a man in your unique field. I'm sure that your commitment to find the best and latest methods will benefit all kinds of people. Thank you for your enthusiasm, kindness, and time...Thank you for an excellent surgery."

Vicki Miller

"Dear Dr. Gauta, after leaving your office today, I realized that I hadn’t expressed my sincere thanks to you for your tremendous help with my bladder problem. Not only do I appreciate your expertise a lot but your personal ways made me feel very comfortable too."


"Pain was minimal, no bleeding, and was up to normal activities within a few days after surgery. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone." 

J.B. (referring to the LESS hysterectomy)

"Dear Dr. Gauta, I am so very grateful to you for giving me a new lease on life. Thanks to you, I feel so liberated and free. God bless you and your wonderful staff."


"Dear Dr. Gauta, Thank you so much for your kind efforts on behalf of my mother. She is so much happier now and says she feels like a 'million bucks' and a 'new person.' She made a quick recovery and I attribute that to you! After the surgery, I couldn’t get her to take even one Percocet! Thanks again!"


"Dr. Gauta of the Bladder Institute helped me with my recurring and embarrassing problem. My surgery was put off by me for a long time, but it went quickly and painlessly. I could not believe the mental and physical improvement in my life. Ladies, if you want to attain that improvement in your life, see Dr. Gauta. Thanks also to the pleasant and helpful group at The Bladder Institute."


“I would just like to say that I am extremely pleased with Dr. Gauta’s work. He and his team did a wonderful job and I now have my life back.”


"I feel that I have been led to the best of the best. I thank God that I found such a wonderful competent physician. That does not always happen. Unfortunately I am a seasonal patient and have to deal with my problems piecemeal. I wish I was a full time resident of Florida."

Ann Modzelewski

"I was very impressed with your approach to me and how caring you were discussing subjects that are sometimes hard to do at times. Being able to talk to your doctor and their nurse is very important to me as it takes away those doubts and fears you have concerning any ailment. You both were very warm and came across as very compassionate, explaining every detail to me as to what to expect."


"At this time of giving thanks, I can't thank you enough for my bladder sling and the wonderful difference it has made in my life.  Basically, freedom to do all the things I want to do! "


"I have never felt better."

Amy W.

"This doctor is a genius and I highly recommend!!  I had a lap hyst. and he used day surgery. The entire experience was fabulous, pinned my bladder. Very good work. I was so impressed. Small incisions, great communication, quick, no bull problem solving skills. I own a bike shop, had to go back to work and I felt like I was his sister and he was getting me on with my life FAST. Great job Dr. Gauta and I appreciate the fibroid removal surgery that you did for me."

A. Anderson

"Very, very nice...patient, very analytical and really listens. Trying to really help figuring it out and coming up with treatments.


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