CO2RE Intima Laser


The next generation of fractionated CO2 lasers includes the Syneron Candela CO2RE Intima for female intimate wellness. Even natural processes like aging, childbirth and menopause can have deleterious effects on a woman's sexual well-being and sensations. Since we all tend to avoid anything that doesn't feel good, a woman's sexual desires and success in achieving them are inversely related to the atrophy and scarring in the vaginal canal that these life-events can create, like tearing of the vagina during childbirth, dryness of the vaginal tissues after menopause, and the laxity of the vagina causing decreased sexual sensation. Sexual satisfaction can be negatively impacted by hormonal changes after menopause, but many women cannot take vaginal estrogens or do not find this treatment to be effective or convenient enough. This is where laser energy comes in: CO2 laser energy has been proven to regrow normal collagen (a necessary protein found in all of our organs) in the vaginal and vulvar tissues leading to improved "accommodation" and "stretchiness" of the vagina which in turn leads to greater sexual satisfaction and lubrication and a decrease in discomfort during and after sex. 

Typically, three monthly sessions are needed to achieve noticeable results regarding sexual enhancement. Usually five monthly treatments are needed for more complex issues like Lichen sclerosis, which is a debilitating disease of the vulvar skin causing constant itching and discomfort, even without sexual intercourse. CO2 laser results are long-lasting, though once yearly treatments are usually all that is needed to retain the improved vaginal health. For a more scientific explanation about the benefits of CO2 laser treatment, click here.

Patient testimonials are a good place to start when it comes to new technologies. Click here for some real life explanations of the CO2RE Intima treatment. After a thorough scientific review of the medical literature, physician experiences and patient satisfaction reports, we have decided that the Intima CO2 fractional laser systems is the best process to restore vaginal and vulvar appearance and function

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