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Women from around the world have come to The Florida Bladder Institute as a medical destination for expert gynecology, urogynecology and surgical care. Whether you’re from Canada, Croatia or Columbia, our multi-lingual staff can coordinate your treatment to ensure you receive the highest quality care.

Our staff works closely with your personal physician to coordinate pre-admission testing, gather your health history and other important information needed in advance of your treatment. Upon arrival, you’ll meet personally with Dr. Gauta who will conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical problems and concerns. All necessary tests will be performed to prepare you for your procedure.

Your procedure may be performed in our state-of-the-art office or our accredited Surgery Center of Naples located nearby. Your plan of care will be coordinated and clearly communicated to you before you arrive.  If you plan on having a friend or family member accompany you we will make sure everyone involved is well informed.

After the procedure, you can rest and enjoy your stay in paradise. We will coordinate your aftercare which may include a nurse visiting you in your room to providing around the clock care should you need it. We will follow up with you to ensure you are feeling well and schedule a follow-up visit before you return home.

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