eCoin study



Long term safety studied for eCoin

The Florida Bladder Institute has completed one year study for safety and efficacy using an implantable device that controls Overactive Bladder symptoms like frequency, urgency or urinary urgency incontinence. The study, sponsored by the manufacturer of the eCoin product Valencia technologies, was completed and was performed at the Florida Bladder Institute and multiple other sites around the country. The device is intended to treat OAB symptoms over a three year period by using electrical stimulation at the site of the tibial nerve near the ankle via a small nickel-sized device. A short procedure in the office using only local anesthetic allows for the implantation of the device. Because of the great results noted in the study presented to the FDA, final approval of the product in the USA has been granted. We will be one of the first offices in the country to start implanting this technology for our patients. More information can be found here: wym-1672597586450

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